About AnjaWessels

Passionate photographer - art lover - animal portraits - flowers - nature - Lightroom - Photoshop

My name is Anja Wessels. I’m a nature photographer living in Raalte in the Netherlands. In the past 4 years I went from buying my first DSLR to being a passionate, maybe even obsessed photographer.

I love hiking, taking my camera and shooting everything I like. But I also love shooting flowers at home. My absolute favourite subject are animals. Visiting zoo’s and parks, making animal portraits. Trying to grasp an emotion, expression, showing the beauty and personality of the animal. Back home, more fun starts. Post processing the photos.

Recently I also explore photographing modern architecture. A wonderful new challenge ...

"Photograpy is an amzing thing! It makes me see beautiful things I did not see before. Not because it wasn’t there, but because I did not take the time to see it."